Akavar Amish Portable Storage Buildings


About Akavar Buildings

Akavar Amish Portable Storage Buildings are available in various sizes and styles. Utility buildings, barns, lofted barns, cabins, workshops, playhouses, and other specialty buildings, including gazebos, horse runs and stalls. Sizes are sizes from 8' X 8' to 12' X 32' in barns, lofted barns, utility buildings, workshops, garages, and garden houses. Custom built gazebos are also available. Payment options include discounts for cash, no credit check rent-to-own, and low interest financing for will qualified customers.


Utility Building

The utility building is the tried and true portable storage building. With wall heights of 6' 6" or 8' and sizes from 8 X 8 to 12 X 20 there is an Akavar utility building for what ever your needs are. Storing books, lawn mowers, ATVs, tools, appliances, cars, or anything else you need to store can be stored in a utility buildings. Windows are optional on utility building smaller than 10 X 16. 


The Barn

The barn gives you the most floor area for the money. Grade differences of more than two feet for barn setup will have an additional charge for setup. Regular portable barns come in sizes from 8 X 8 to 12 X 20. Barns are great for storing whatever you have to store. One window and one five foot wide door is standard on all barns. Side wall heights are four feet. Four foot doors and three foot double doors on some models. Akavar offers an economy barn. Economy barns are the same as regular barns except they have 5/8 inch decking, studs 24" on center, only available with shingled roofs, and are 15% less than a regular barn.



The Lofted Barn

Akavar's lofted barns give you the most storage space for the floor area. You can purchase lofted barns in sizes from 8' X 12' to 14' X 32". 10 X 16 and and larger lofted barns have a six foot double door on the side with two windows on the front.  Smaller lofted barns have a five foot single door on the end and one window on the side. Other window and door options can be installed as needed. Lofted barns can have metal or single roofs.



The Cabin

Whether you need a hunting cabin for your hunting club, a cabin for the river or lake, or for any use a small cabin can have, Akavar's cabin can do the job.  Cabins generally are unfinished interiors, but custom orders are accepted. Standard cabin models have thee windows and a nine-lite door. Other window and door options are available. Stock cabins in sizes from 10 X 16 to 14 X 32 have a four foot porch on the end. Larger porches or a porch along the long side can be custom built. Electrical wiring is not standard, but our master elections can wire your cabin to what ever extent your needs require. 



The Workshop

The workshop can be used for storage or as a workshop. In standard sizes of 10' X 20' and 12' X 28' the workshop come standard with two windows, one on each end and a six foot double door. nt for as long as you like and then give the building back or make all the payments and keep the building. Workshops with an eight wide double door on the end can be used for a garage. All workshops and garages have full eight foot walls and floor joists on 12" center. The floor can easily support one or more cars or a garden tractor. Garages or workshops can be lofted or with standard roof, shingled or metal.



The Playhouse

The playhouse is available in standard sizes of 8' X 12', 10' X 12' or 12' x 16'. Custom playhouses can be built in any other size. Siding choices are pressure treated T1-11 siding, vinyl siding on 3/8" plywood panels, Masonite siding, or Plywood board and batten.  Playhouse can be factor painted to your color choices, and be configured with lofts, barn style roofs or high gabled roofs. Porches can be rustic or very fancy, however you or your child prefers. 8' X 12' or 10' X 12' playhouses are configured with the a four foot porch on the end.  12' x 16' or larger custom models can have a four or six foot end porch or a four foot porch on the long side. We do make Christmas eve deliveries.




Specialty Products

At Akavar Portable Storage Buildings we offer many specialty products for horse runs to gazebos. We can supply you a mini office or garden house. Greenhouses can be built order and we have constructed custom pigeon lofts. Let us know what you need and we can build it for you.